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Rikk The Beast of Wreckage Metal Radio TOP 10 of 2012

1) Behold! The Monolith- Defender, Redeemist
2) Testament- Dark Roots Of Earth
3) Pallbearear- Sorrow and Extinction
4) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below
5) Kylesa- From The Vaults Vol. 1
6) Kreator- The Phantom Antichrist
7) Gypsyhawk- Revelry & Resilience
8) Huntress- Spelleater
9) The Sword- Apocryphon
10) Castle- Blacklands (Tie)
Witch Mountain- Cauldron of the Wild

WMR Shirts Available

WMR Shirts Available
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Rikk The Beast (with Holy Grail)


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Thursday, June 30, 2011

WMR 6.26.11

Pt. 1

WMR Rikk The Beast ID
Dust- From A Dry Camel
Blue Cheer- Parchment Farm
Elias Hulk- Nightmare
Suck- The Whip
Megaton- Niagara
Jerusalem- Primitive Man
Satan- Kiss of Death
A ll Z- Treason
Crucifixion- Death Sentence
Blitzkrieg- Blitzkrieg
Tygers of Pan Tang- Tyger Bay
Angel Witch- Angel of Death

Pt. 2

Kyuss- Demon Cleaner
Ride The Sun- Compadre
Dixie Witch- Bridges
Danava- Where Beauty & Terror Dance
Sleep- Aquarian
Earthless- Cherry Red
Krux- Black Room
Place of Skulls- The Maker
Rameses- Khali Mist
Stonebride- Bending Roads
Abramis Brama- Parts Of My Mind (Still Remains Untouched)
House of Broken Promises- The Hurt
The Quill- Sell No Soul

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wreckage Metal Radio 6.19.11

Pt. 1

WMR Rikk The Beast ID
The Flow- It Swallowed The Sun
Buffalo- Stay With Me
Bang- Redman
Black Sabbath- Hole In the Sky
Wendy O. WMR ID
Accept- Breaker
Satan- Broken Treaties
Diamond Head- Dead Reckoning (Extended Version)
Tank- Heavy Artillery
MSG- Cry For The Nations
Riot- Outlaw
Starfighters- Power Crazy
April Wine- Crash and Burn
Thin Lizzy- Cold Sweat
Tygersof Pan Tang- Don't Stop By
UFO- Gone In The Night
Pt. 2

WMR Slayer ID
Slayer- Angel of Death
Death- Land of No Return
Asphyx- Death The Brutal Way
Possessed- March To Die
Napalm Death- Hiding Behind
Onslaught- Rest In Pieces
Vio-Lence- Calling in the Coroner
Vicious Rumors- Razorback Blade
Warbringer- Abandonned By Time
Havok- Scabs of Trust
Holy Grail- Exciter
Early Man- Feeding Frenzy
Saviours- Cavern of ind
The Obsessed- Decimation

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wreckage Metal Radio 6.12.11 "Heavy Psych Rock & Sludge Metal Part 2"

Pt. 1

WMR Rikk The Beast ID
Poobah- Steamroller
Stonewall- Outer Spaced
Euclid- Shadows of Life
High Tide- Futilist's Lament
Highway Robbery- Fifteen
Captain Beyond- Frozen Over
Flower Travellin'Band- Satori Pt. 1
Stackdaddy- Willie The Pimp
Buffalo- Shylock
Warlord- Jasmin Queen
Necronomicon- Die Stadt
Bedemon- Frozen Fear
Dirty Tricks- Back Off Evil
Distortions- Blue Phantom
Josefus- Proposition

Pt. 2

Saviours- We Roam
Saviours- Narcotic Sea
Speedblow- Pushing The Wheel
Witch Mountain- A Power Greater
The Sword- Night City
Planet Of Zeus- Apocalypse
Red Fang- Hank Is Dead
Black Cobra- Kay - Dur - Twenty
Indian- The Fate Before Fate
Bison B.C.- Slow Hand Of Death
Kylesa- Sad & Done
Black Rainbows- In The City
Heavy Lord- Scorpion sting
Acid Bath- Tranquilized

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WMR 6.5.11

Pt. 1

WMR Rikk The Beast ID
Blue Cheer- Come and Get It
Granicus- Bad Talk
Sir Lord Baltimore- Hell Hound
Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters- The Widow Maker
Jerusalem- Primitive Man
Buffalo- Dune Messiah
Black Sabbath- St. Vitus Dance
Judas Priest- Running Wild
Savage- Let It Loose
Holocaust- Death Or Glory
Blitzkrieg- Inferno
Jaguar- Axe Crazy
Avenger- Enforcer
Diamond Head- In The Heat of The Night
Tygers of Pan Tang- Silver and Gold
MSG- Looking Out From Nowhere

Pt. 2

Savatage- Sirens
Queensryche- Prophecy
Metal Church- In The Blood
Holy Grail- Call of Valhalla
Enforcer- Midnight Vice
Black Mountain- Let spirits Ride
The Lord Weird Slough Feg- The Final Gambit
Enirva- Goodbye Yesterdays
Bison B.C.- Dark Towers
Black Rainbows- Himalaya
Baroness- War, Wisdom, & Rhyme
The Might Could- Coming Clean
My Uncle The Wolf- March of the Hang
Agents of Oblivion- Ash of the Mind