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Rikk The Beast of Wreckage Metal Radio TOP 10 of 2012

1) Behold! The Monolith- Defender, Redeemist
2) Testament- Dark Roots Of Earth
3) Pallbearear- Sorrow and Extinction
4) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below
5) Kylesa- From The Vaults Vol. 1
6) Kreator- The Phantom Antichrist
7) Gypsyhawk- Revelry & Resilience
8) Huntress- Spelleater
9) The Sword- Apocryphon
10) Castle- Blacklands (Tie)
Witch Mountain- Cauldron of the Wild

WMR Shirts Available

WMR Shirts Available
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Friday, October 28, 2011

WMR 10.27.11 Halloween Special

Part 1

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.27.11 Halloween Special
(Intro) Neurosis- Shadow
WMR Talk
Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden- Murders in the Rue Morgue
Mercyful Fate- Return of the Vampire (Live)
Satan- Kiss of Death Demo 7"
Pentagram The Ghoul
Witchfinder General- Witchfinder General
WMR Talk
Venom- Don't Burn The Witch
WMR Slayer ID
Slayer- Tormentor
Dream Death- Back from the dead
Testament- The Haunting
Death- Zombie Ritual
Possessed- Phantasm

Part 2

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.27.11 HS Pt 2

Phantasm scene 10
Ghost- Ritual
Big Elf- Madhatter
Orchid- Black Funeral
Iron Man- Vampires
Penance- Monster I've Become
Revelation- Long After Midnight
Church of Misery- Blood Sucking Freak
Black Tusk- Twist The Knife
Sourvein- Fangs
WMR Talk
Electric Wizard- Vinum Sabathi

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wreckage Metal Radio 10.19.11 (Death Angel Tribute/ Thrash/ Sludge Metal)

Part 1

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.19.11
WMR Talk
Thin Lizzy- Genocide
Survivor- Delicate Adversary
UFO- Too Much Of Nothing
WMR Plasmatics ID
Plasmatics- The Damned
Pharoah Overlord- Out Of Darkness
Mercyful Fate- Curse of the Pharoahs
WMR Talk
WMR Slayer ID
Slayer- Epidemic
Dark Angel- Merciless Death
Jag Panzer- Generally Hostile
Death Angel- Mistress of Pain
Death Angel- Guilty of Innocence
Death Angel- Truce
Testament- Alone in the Dark
Testament- More than Meets the Eye

Part 2

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.19.11 Pt. 2
WMR Talk
Vektor- Hunger For Violence
Havok- No Amnesty
Warhead- Social Phobia
Vicious Rumors- Axe To Grind
Exodus- Good Riddance
WMR Talk
Twin Giant- Pale Blue Dot
Mastodon- All the Heavy Lifting
Albatross Overdrive- Big Bear
Alabama Thunderpussy- Open Fire
Artimus Pyledriver- Gone to the Mountain
Danava- The Illusion Crawls
Slough Feg- Lycanthropic Fantasies

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wreckage Metal Radio 10.11.11 (Power/Thrash Metal and Sludge/ Doom/ Stoner Rock)

Part 1

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.11.11
WMR Talk
Griffin- Judgement Day
Abbatoir- Game of Death
Blessed Death- Knights of Old Bridge
Agent Steel- Agents of Steel
Flotsam and Jetsam- Desecrator
Anthrax- Aftershock
Vicious Rumors- Blitz The World
Holy Grail- Immortal Man
Forbidden- Chalice of Blood
Vio-Lence- Calling in The Coroner
Sacred Reich- Victim of Demise
Death Angel- Truce
Kreator- Escalation
Exodus- Metal Command

Part 1

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.11.11 Part 2
WMR Talk
Place of Skulls- Apart From Me
Ramesses- Terrasaw
Weathers- Babetrap
Solace- Za Gamman
Ride The Sun- Goin' Down
16- Thorn in Your Side
Mockingbird- Pompeii
WMR Talk
Earrthride- God's Own Medicine
The Might Could- Wretched Wraith
Black Rainbows- Constellation
Dawnrider- Queen of the Mountain
Baroness- The Sweetest Curse

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wreckage Metal Radio 10.6.11

Part 1

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.6.11

Wreckade Metal Radio ID
Black Sabbath- Tomorrow's Dream
Budgie- Crash Course In Brain Surgery
Bedlam- Whisky and Wine
Bang- The Queen
Wild Horses- Reservation
Lone Star- Flying In The Reel
Molly Hatchet- Beatin' The Odds
The Angels- Marseilles
The B'zz- Get Up, Get Angry
WMR Talk
Riot- Fire Down Under
MSG- Victim Of Ilussion
Vandenberg- Too late
Y & T- Mean Streak
Def Leppard- It Could Be You
Angel Witch- Extermination Day (BBC Friday Rock Show)
WMR Talk

Part 2

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 10.6.11 Part 2
Wreckade Metal Radio ID
WMR Talk
Saxon- Hammer Of The Gods
Metallica- Trapped Under Ice
Pharaoh Overlörd- I Am The Light
Vicious Rumors- Blistering Winds
Motörhead- Brotherhood Of Man
WMR Talk
Slough Feg- The Tell-Tale Heart
Priestess- Sideways Attack
Saviours- We Roam
Mastodon- Spectrelight
XVI Eyes- Burn The Horizon
WMR Talk
Pride Tiger- It's Only You
Smash Fasion- Outta Fashion
Kyuss- Demon Cleaner
WMR Talk