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1) Behold! The Monolith- Defender, Redeemist
2) Testament- Dark Roots Of Earth
3) Pallbearear- Sorrow and Extinction
4) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below
5) Kylesa- From The Vaults Vol. 1
6) Kreator- The Phantom Antichrist
7) Gypsyhawk- Revelry & Resilience
8) Huntress- Spelleater
9) The Sword- Apocryphon
10) Castle- Blacklands (Tie)
Witch Mountain- Cauldron of the Wild

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WMR Shirts Available
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wreckage Metal Radio 3.2.12 Eyehategod Retrospective (Sludge Metal/ Death Metal)

Eyehategod ) is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans who formed in 1988. They have become one of the most well known bands to emerge from the NOLA metal scene. Throughout the years, their core line-up has remained, with the exception of the bass guitarist, a slot in which several musicians have played.

Eyehategod have noted Melvins, The Obsessed, Discharge, Black Flag, and Black Sabbath as key influences to their sound. Heavy, detuned, and bluesy guitar riffs dominate the band's discography. They are combined with walls of feedback and tortured vocals to create a harsh misanthropic vibe. Their records had been released consistently by Century Media Records though the band's most recent output is on Emetic Records, not including the numerous splits released under various labels. The band is friends with Anal Cunt and performed with A.C. for the first show after Seth Putnam came out of his coma.

WMR Talk
Methra- Xipe Totec
Twin Giant- Pale Blue Dot
Intronaut- Miasma
Rameses- Iron Crow
Ancestors- Neptune With Fire
Mockingbird- Pompeii
WMR Talk
Eyehategod- Southern Discomfort
Eyehategod- Revelation/ Revolution
Outlaw Order- Dragging Down The Enforcers
Saviours- The Eye Obscene
Mastodon- Dry Bone Valley
Kylesa- Forsaken
WMR Talk

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 3.2.12 Eyehategod Retrospective (Sludge Metal/ Death Metal)

WMR Talk
Red Giant- Chopper
Slough Feg- Free Market Barbarian
Enirva- Zen Breaker
Dixie Witch- Ballinger Cross
Red Fang- Dirt Wizard
Unida- Trouble
Dust- Love Me Hard
Dalia Sun- Drunk
WMR Talk
Venom- Warhead
Possessed- Death Metal
Nuclear Death- Shreiking Terror
Necrophagia- Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
Sorrower- Turn To Stone

Download: Wreckage Metal Radio 3.2.12 Eyehategod Retrospective (Sludge Metal/ Death Metal)

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