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1) Behold! The Monolith- Defender, Redeemist
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3) Pallbearear- Sorrow and Extinction
4) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below
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7) Gypsyhawk- Revelry & Resilience
8) Huntress- Spelleater
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10) Castle- Blacklands (Tie)
Witch Mountain- Cauldron of the Wild

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WMR Shirts Available
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Monday, September 24, 2012

WMR 9.22.12 (Tygers of Pan Tang Retrospective/Thrash/Sludge)

Part 1

Streetfighter- Streetfighter
Tygers of Pan Tang- Small Town Flirt
Tygers of Pan Tang- Don't Touch Me There
Tygers of Pan Tang- Tyger Bay
Tygers of Pan Tang- Don't Stop By
Tygers of Pan Tang- Love Don't Stay
Tygers of Pan Tang- Do It Good
Tygers of Pan Tang- Gangland (Live at Nottiingham Rock City '81)
Tygers of Pan Tang- Hellbound (Live at Nottiingham Rock City '81)
Tygers of Pan Tang- Paris By Air
Tygers of Pan Tang- What You Sayin'
Tygers of Pan Tang- The Wreck- Age
Tygers of Pan Tang- Bury The Hatchet
Tygers of Pan Tang- Keeping Me Alive
WMR Talk

WMR Talk

Download: WMR 9.22.12 (Tygers of Pan Tang Retrospective/ Thrash/ Sludge)

Part 2

Slayer ID
Slayer- Fight Till Death
Megadeth- Chosen Ones
Dark Angel- Merciless Death (Live)
Death Angel- Voracious Souls
Havok- Fatal Intervention
Bonded By Blood- Prison Planet
Evile- Time No More
Tynator- Unforgiven
WMR Talk
TWiN GiANT:- Adrift in Space
Noothgrush- A People Defeated Will Never Be United
EYEHATEGOD- Revelation/Revolution
The Mighty Nimbus- Raising The Mammoth
Earthride- In The World I Live
War Injun- Distance
WMR Talk

Download: WMR 9.22.12 (Tygers of Pan Tang Retrospective/ Thrash/ Sludge) PT 2

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